I have… no idea what to make of this new Samsung commercial.  Samsung’s new ad from Iceland attempts to show Apple who’s boss, but is having a guy performing some sort of mating dance ritual with a goat really necessary?  Samsung thinks so.

The video shows a guy supposedly stranded on some rock with a literal apple.  He tries using the apple like a typical smartphone (iPhone) by sliding his fingers across it and poking it but with no real response from the fruit.  Clearly dissatisfied with the apple’s response, he magically fabricates a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and doesn’t stop smiling for a solid minute while he dances with a goat and a few semi-OK dancers in black outfits.

Personally I would imagine the entire point could have been portrayed by the final 5 seconds of the commercial where the guy takes a bite out of the apple.  ‘Nuf said.  Samsung… it’s gettin’ weird.



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