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HubSpot Forms (REST) API checkbox values

HubSpot doesn’t adequately explain how to pass in boolean values through its Forms API. I recently had to work with this API and wrote down some hints.

Insteon 75790 video recording & CGI API

Learn how to use the CGI API and record video from your Insteon 75790 WiFi IP camera.

SHA2 Hash Generator

I recently wrote a Windows .NET application that generates SHA1/2 hashes for a given input. It has SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512 support as well as PBKDF2 support (1-100,000 rounds).

3 Tips For Better Online Security & Privacy

Online security & privacy is more important than ever. Read now to increase your online security and to form good online privacy habits for the future.

Socket.IO tutorial – Find All Users In A Room

How To Find All Users In A Socket.IO Room Socket.IO version 1.0+ is a...

Tutorial – Using KeePass With Two-Factor Authentication

Your Password Manager Is Insecure Unfortunately, not every website on the...

How To Check (And Fix) Your Website’s SSL Security

Is Your Website’s SSL Vulnerable? In this tutorial, I’ll walk...

Hardening an OpenSSH 6.2+ Server in Ubuntu 14.04

How To Secure Your OpenSSH 6.2+ Server Relearning Secure...