Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) Linux Client built using Qt 5 (QtQuick)

There have been many projects attempting to provide Linux users with a client application to view, manage, and edit their OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) cloud storage, but only one or two have ever made it past the “init” phase.  I won’t claim mine is all that advanced (yet) but it sports a slick GUI, a (mostly) painless login / authentication experience, and is inherently cross-platform.  It’s definitely a great foundation for a proper open-source community project and I really hope others will get involved to grow this into a proper solution for Linux users seeking OneDrive connectivity.


OneDrive Linux Client now available on!

The project is easily built in Qt Creator using Qt 5 (QML, QtQuick Controls) and C++ and is hosted as a free, open-source, community project on  I’ll be building a Github wiki to help newbies get started as well as attract some attention to the project as I believe the Linux user base is actively seeking a client for OneDrive / SkyDrive and are coming up short.

If you’d like to download and build (or, better yet, contribute to) the OneDrive Client for Linux, head over to Github and check it out! Link:


Screenshots of the latest build of OneDrive Linux Client

Head over to Github to find the latest info and screenshots.

OneDrive Linux Client storage overview screenshot

OneDrive Linux Client storage overview screenshot

OneDrive Linux Client login screenshot

OneDrive Linux Client login screenshot


If you need any help getting started or have some questions about the project itself, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us via email or phone.  I’m always eager to hear new ideas, improvement suggestions, and bug findings.

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