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Announcing the newly redesigned WWPass Developers Blog (https://developersblog.wwpass.com)!  You can find the latest WWPass product development news as well as find resources to help you begin your path to developing with WWPass technologies.  Need a custom integration or curious if WWPass authentication will work for you?  The Developer’s Blog is a great starting point and you can also get in touch with WWPass development staff to answer advanced development questions.

Joscor Technical Research and WWPass Developers Blog have partnered to provide you with the latest news and integration paths for WWPass and related security technologies.  We will be working closely to discover new ways to increase end-user data security within their day-to-day lives and to give tutorials on how IT administrators can increase web and information security by utilizing state-of-the-art authentication services.

If you’re not familiar with WWPass, here’s an excerpt from their website explaining their mission:

WWPass is eliminating usernames and passwords with one ubiquitous, self-managed PassKey. The world is changing and it is not enough to have a witty username joined with 6, 8 or even 18 random characters protect your data and identity. One WWPass PassKey takes that away. One PassKey, one access code, an infinite amount of possibilities. People manage their own PassKey and the information they want to share and are not controlled by randomly generated code pushed out by servers in dark corners of the universe. Control means convenience and security.

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