This website is protected by WWPass PassKey authentication.  The WordPress plugin designed by WWPass eliminates the need for username and password combinations and maximizes overall security for all user authentication.  Check them out at

From their website:

WWPass is eliminating usernames and passwords with one ubiquitous, self-managed PassKey. The world is changing and it is not enough to have a witty username joined with 6, 8 or even 18 random characters protect your data and identity. One WWPass PassKey takes that away. One PassKey, one access code, an infinite amount of possibilities. People manage their own PassKey and the information they want to share and are not controlled by randomly generated code pushed out by servers in dark corners of the universe. Control means convenience and security.

You’ll notice that after you register with, upon login you will have the option to click the “WWPass” button instead of filling out a username and password.  If you already have a WWPass PassKey then all you have to do is login with your username and password the first time, go to your profile, and associate your PassKey with your account.  Then you’ll no longer need to use your username and password ever again!  You can simply click the WWPass button during login and you’ll be securely authenticated into (see below for a screenshot).joscorlogin


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