Robinhood UI project

I’ve published a new Github project that demonstrates how to build applications and services against the unpublished Robinhood Finance API. Unfortunately, Robinhood doesn’t make their API information publicly available (you have to request it and have some sort of reason or project that they find interesting enough to bestow you with such information), which has spawned a few efforts to reverse engineer and document the API.

You can find the project here –

Why use it?

This started as a way for myself to be able to visualize Robinhood data in a more “meta” way (seeing all positions in one screen) and to understand the balance of my portfolio. The project is able to be run locally (if you are like me and just want a tool to see the data differently) or hosted (if you want to extend the project and have users).

The repository’s README has more information but the requirements to run the project are very minimal and basic understand of Python and JavaScript should be enough to get started. Happy hacking!

To understand what’s available from the Robinhood API, I recommend you take a look at another awesome Github project here –


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