HubSpot Marketing GraderI’d like to share a handy dandy online tool that I discovered a few years ago while running my IT consulting business.  While it’s not the One Marketing Tool to Rule Them All, it’s a great starting point by providing a bird’s eye view of where you stand in relation to other websites (including your competition!).The idea behind it is that your site is always being analyzed by other sites such as Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc…) and Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and they have Key Performance Indicators (KPI) they use to evaluate a website.  This is how a website will rank your website and how it will target your website’s data to their users.

HubSpot’s Online Marketing Grader is a free online tool that does a check on your website for common issues with marketing exposure (such as not having a blog or mobile site to accompany your website).  It will then assign you a score out of 100 to your overall marketing exposure rating.  The higher the score, the more likely your site is to be marketed efficiently and correctly and also indicates how easy it is for search engines to parse your site.

HubSpot Marketing Grader

Analyze your website and enjoy a bird’s eye view of your website’s online visibility and an overview of how to make your website more effective.

You can also use this tool to see how your competition is doing and what tricks they may be using to boost their online exposure!  It never hurts have an edge.

The Online Marketing Grader is not 100% accurate (nor do they claim to be).  For instance, has a mobile website, but the Online Marketing Grader simply ignores it (for some syntactic disagreement I’m sure), thus docking my score a bit.  Overall it’s a great guideline and can point out obvious flaws with your website that can be easily corrected to help your online visibility.

HubSpot Marketing Grader

Keep one step ahead of the competition with HubSpot’s website marketing checklist

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