Kentico Security

We’re Kentico 8 Certified Developers and we provide development and security services for Kentico CMS sites from SMB to Enterprise.

Kentico is a leading enterprise Content Management System (CMS) powering sites such as Gibson Guitars and Blackboard.  It’s a Microsoft .NET based web software that boasts some robust features out of the box like their “Integrated Marketing Solution” comprising of a fully-featured E-Commerce platform and Online Marketing tools.    

Security Audits

We know Kentico inside and out which makes us very good at finding vulnerabilities with deployed instances. If you’re concerned about your website’s security or if you just want a second set of eyes to get a baseline – contact us.

SSL / TLS Upgrades

Is your website SSL / TLS up to par? Are you really protecting your users while they shop on your site? Take the Qualys SSL challenge and get an instant SSL / TLS grade.  If you don’t have an A+ rating, you’re not adequately protecting your business or your users.

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