Contact Form 7: ServiceNow Incidents

WordPress plugin integrating ServiceNow incident reporting with Contact Form 7


The ServiceNow Incidents integration for Contact Form 7 plugin allows existing CF7 users to automatically create ServiceNow incident (and user / caller) entries on form submission. When a user enters their information into a CF7 form and hits submit, this plugin will forward their information to ServiceNow as well as let CF7 continue its form submission process.

  • Easy CF7 to ServiceNow field mapping
  • Supports creating users / callers if they don’t exist yet
  • Future compatibility with flexible field mapping
  • Convenient, intuitive shortcode
  • Seamless integration and no change to contact form flow
ServiceNow incidents plugin for CF7 | WordPress

Download the latest version

If you like the plugin, please consider donating to its continued development. I maintain the plugin as a hobby and make no money off of it other than by donation.  Thank you!

If you’d like a feature added to the plugin, please use the contact us page.

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